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Emma Thompson gets really into her animal sounds.

This memorable moment will live in our hearts forever. Also on the Internet.


Wanda Sykes is feeling weird about her home life. 


When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like




Heys everyone, Couch Wolf here. One of my idiot roommates got me sick and I feel I’m under a demonic attack, so please send some prayers my way :P I’m thinking I got sick from cleaning up the roommates puke, as he’s been puking all over the floor on the bathroom and just leaving it for me to clean up. I’m thinking that’s how I got it. -.- I’m having trouble talking and my throat is raw, so not in the best condition to be cleaning and packing for next weeks move. I’m asking my friends and my fellow prayer warriors to help me rebuke Satan and pray for a speedy recovery. Why I’m requesting prayer is because I’m immune compromised, and once im knocked off my feet it takes me a while to get back up and in good health again. The devil is a lie! Thanks guys! ! 

~Couch Wolf

You want people to pray because sickness comes from Satan!??

Are you fucking kidding me!???

Tell me, if sickness comes from Satan, who gave him the power to create?

If sickness comes from Satan, why doesn’t god do battle and help all the innocents that are ill; especially from life threatening diseases?

If sickness comes from Satan, why does the bible say god created everything and not that he only created good things?

If sickness comes from Satan, why do hereditary diseases and disabilities exist?

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